Best 5 Solar Powered Dive Watched to Buy

Wristwatches are wonderful accessories, no matter the outfit. These accessories are trendy and stylish while offering practicality. There are different types of watches on the market. Most of the watches found on the market are mechanical. These watches are cool, but they are sometimes inaccurate, and their batteries can fail suddenly. Solar powered watches are an excellent alternative. They last for longer, and they are usually more accurate. Solar powered dive watches are watches that come with high water resistance. Thus, if you want a watch that is accurate, durable, and waterproof, these are the best watches to buy. In this post, we will consider five of the best solar powered dive watches on the market. We will also provide a buyer’s guide and answer common questions about these watches.

1. Citizen Watches Men’s BM8180-03E


  • Stainless steel watch
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant up to 330 feet
  • Mineral crystal dial window

Citizen is known for the high quality of its watches, and the Citizen Watches Men’s BM8180-03E is no exception. The watch strikes a near-perfect balance between style and performance.

At first glance, the watch comes with a stunning, appealing design. It is military-inspired, which is reflected in the appearance. The design is clean and almost minimalist.

The watch uses Eco-Drive technology. This technology means that you can recharge the internal battery of the watch through sunlight or artificial light sources. It is a luminous watch that allows wearers to tell the time even in low-light conditions.

It is a diving watch as it can survive depths of up the 330 feet easily. The Japanese quartz movement ensures that the time is as accurate as possible.

Despite all of these impressive features, the Citizen Watches Men’s BM8180-03E comes at a relatively low price. While it might not be built for deep diving, it is sufficiently tough for shallow diving.


  • Attractive design.
  • Lume makes it easy to see in low-light conditions.
  • Solar-powered batteries.


  • Dial window scratches easily.
  • Not for deep diving.

2. Seiko Men’s SSC017 Prospex


  • Solar powered bracelet watch
  • 43 mm stainless steel case
  • 200 m water resistance

Seiko is another massively popular watchmaker, and the SSC017 Prospex analog watch is one of the best solar powered diving watches you can buy. It features a beautiful, elegant design that is sure to draw appreciative glances from people. It comes designed with a blue/black dial that makes it look both smart and stylish.

With a solar-powered battery, recharging the battery is no problem at all. Furthermore, you do not have to wind it every morning. You can enjoy using the watch for up to six months on a single full charge.

If you enjoy swimming or shallow diving, then this watch can be your swimming companion. It can survive underwater depths of up to 200 meters. Hence, as you hit the water park or the pool, you do not have to worry about removing your watch before diving into the water. With the crown and pushers of the watch screwed firmly, you do not have to worry about any leaks.

The fold-over strap clasp and the case are lightweight and make for a very comfortable watch to wear. The Japanese quartz movement makes it a reliable timekeeper and very accurate.


  • The Lumbrite lume on the hands and markers are easy to read
  • Attractive design
  • Solar-powered battery


  • The date function is not clearly seen
  • Large size might make it ungainly for folks with small wrists

3. Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman G-Shock


  • Solar-powered digital watch
  • Quartz movement
  • Water resistance up to 660 feet

If you seek a watch that can withstand the harsh treatment as a result of an active lifestyle, then you will enjoy using the Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman G-Shock. Whether you’re in the military, a hiker, a survivalist, or a shallow diver, you will likely love using this rugged watch.

From my research, the Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman G-Shock is arguably the best G-Shock on the market today. It might not have the looks of some of the other watches on this list, but from a functionality and durability perspective, it is hard to beat.

It comes with a green resin band with a black dace and right accents on the side. It is a digital watch, and comes with a digital display and LED backlight to help you see the time even in low-light conditions.

The solar power capability implies that it does not need any battery change. Additionally, it is built for the rugged lifestyle and comes with resistance to mud, shock, and water. With a water resistance of up to 200 meters, it is a sturdy watch that will last for a long time.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Water-resistant
  • Solid yet lightweight construction
  • Multi-band Atomic Timekeeping


  • Bulky design
  • Features take time to master fully

4. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Promaster Navihawk


  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Solar powered battery
  • Water-resistant up to 660 feet
  • 47mm case diameter

The Citizen Promaster Navihawk watch is a useful watch that comes with several features that make it, not just one of the best solar-powered diving watches, but one of the best watches, period.

One of the most prominent features of the watch is the GPS. This watch is a self-sufficient GPS watch that doesn’t require connection to a host device. The solar powered battery means that it works almost indefinitely.

Combined with the GPS feature, the watch comes with a quartz movement. This combination makes it an accurate watch, no matter where you are on the planet. Despite all the features, it comes in a relatively compact size that fits the wrist perfectly.

Some several dials and features require some time before you master; however, once learned, you will wear no other watch than this wonderful timepiece.

This beautiful watch comes with impressive durability and reliability. It is resistant to water for up to 200 meters underwater. You can dive deep without fear of damaging the watch.


  • Attractive and conservative design
  • Rich features
  • Water-resistant
  • Solar powered


  • The green color accents are not for everyone

5. Casio Men’s GST-S100G-1BCR G Shock


  • Quartz movement
  • 59.1 mm case diameter
  • 200 meters of water resistance
  • 31 time zones

For folks that desire a casual watch to match a casual outfit, then this Casio is an excellent option. It is one of the offerings in Casio’s G Shock series. The G Shock series is widely known for durability ruggedness.

At first glance, it is rather clear that this watch is designed to withstand knock, bumps, and other impacts. It offers both an analog and digital display, which makes it easy to read at a mere glance.

Setting up the watch is simple. With a single charge, this solar-powered watch can last for up to an astonishing two years. Aside from sunlight, you can charge it with other light sources, as well.

And as with the other watches on this list, it can survive underwater up to depths of 200 meters.


  • Shock resistant
  • Solar powered
  • Water-resistant
  • Replete with useful features


  • Lume is inadequate
  • Sync is sometimes off

Buying Guide to the Best Solar Powered Dive Watch

Before selecting the five watches above, we considered several factors. In this section, we will briefly discuss some of these factors. By considering these factors, you can also make a great decision when choosing a solar powered dive watch.


Technology is an essential factor to consider. You have to consider the type of technology used by the watch. Technology is dynamic; therefore, ensure that the watch that you choose to buy comes with technology that is compatible with the times. By using up-to-date technology, you will likely avoid any issues that might prevent the functionality of the watch in the future.


High-priced watches usually come with the best features. You might have an interest in one or more of the best watches on the market; however, you might not be able to afford it. In most cases, these expensive watches are collected by rich people and those who have a clear idea of the watch they want. If you are buying your first solar powered diving watch, it is smart to spend on a watch within your budget.

That way, you won’t be caught flat-footed after spending a fortune on a timepiece.

Water resistance

This is a rather obvious factor to consider since this post is about the best solar powered dive watch. You never know when you might be caught in a rainstorm; therefore, getting a watch that comes with water resistance will prevent any unnecessary damage.

Furthermore, if you love diving, swimming or engaging in other water related activities, you need a watch that is not just splash proof, but genuinely waterproof. Fortunately, the watches we have reviewed are all waterproof.


You have to consider what you plan on using the watch for. Some watches come with several features, and you might feel that the more features it has, the better. Well, that is not necessarily true. Some features are specialized for specific needs that you might not ever use. If you aren’t the ‘outdoorsy’ type, you might not need a watch with GPS capabilities. You will probably under-utilize the features of the watch.

If your watch is just for everyday office use, then you should buy something simple and with minimal functions.

Additionally, the more functions the watch has, the steeper the learning curve.

Size and Design

Design and aesthetic value are subjective; hence you should choose a watch based on a design you actually like.

The watch might look great, but it essential that it is your size. The face should not be too large that it catches on your sleeves or other stuff. You should also choose the right size for your wrists. A watch that looks small on your wrists might come off like a toy. On the other hand, if it is too big, you might end up looking comical.


Watches that come from popular trusted brands usually come with higher quality materials than those from lesser-known brands. Therefore, it might be smart to look at models from popular brands as you search for a solar powered dive watch.

Popular brands include Casio, Citizen, and Seiko.


One of the best ways to know if a watch is the right fit for your needs is by reading reviews from other users. In writing this post, we considered scores of reviews to arrive at some of the best solar powered dive watches on the market today.


Q. What is a Solar Powered Watch?

As the name implies, a solar powered watch is one that has its batteries powered by the sun. Other light sources also recharge some of these watches. They offer a stress-free option to the standard watches on the market. These watches ensure that you do not have to worry about how long the battery lasts.

Q. Does a Solar Powered Watch stop working in the dark?

These watches do not stop working, even in darkness. It draws and stores energy from light; therefore, the energy stored during the day or when exposed to light sustains it even in darkness. Some watches can keep ticking for several months on a single charge!

Q. How can a Solar Powered Watch be maintained?

Maintaining your watch largely depends on the watchband. If you have a watch with a stainless watch band, you should clean it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

For resin straps or other types of fabric, maintenance is more straightforward. You might have to air it out when wet to prevent it from smelling.


So there you have it: the best solar powered watches on the market. While it can be tedious selecting the busy solar powered watch, having the correct information can help you. We hope that you will use the information in this post as you shop for your next solar powered dive watch.

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