The 5 Best Internal Blu-Ray Drives in 2020 [Reviewed]

Blu- ray internal drives are some of the best internal drives in the market today, but not all of them are ideal for your PC. There are several factors you need to consider if you are trying to buy the right drive. As a user, you want to enjoy compatibility and satisfactory speed from your internal Blu- ray drives. Choosing the right Blu- ray drive that will suit your requirements can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be a daunting task for you. Hence, many computer owners aren’t sure of the best drive to buy.

We have spent hours researching and testing over ten brands of Blu- ray drives. Some of the factors we considered include the type of drive, storage capability, and available formats.

The 5 Best Internal Blu-Ray Drives

1. LG Super Internal SATA 16x Blu Ray Drive

The LG Super Internal SATA 16x Blu Ray Drive comes with lots of features that make it the favorite Blu ray drive of many PC users. This drive supports several optical media, writing of data to Blu ray discs and DVD, CD burning, and reading. It also supports writing large format from double layer to triple-layer and quadruple BD-R discs.

It also can play 3D Blu ray discs back when used with a 3D display, optional 3D media, and 3D glasses. This Blu ray drive supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, and Blu-Ray Disc. This provides you with the opportunity to choose your favorite media for the tasks you need to do.

Its Serial ATA is scalable and enables future enhancement and upgrade to the computer platform. It is used in place of the Parallel ATA, a physical storage interface that connects multiple storage devices such as CD rewriters, DVD rewriters, and hard disks to the motherboard of the laptop.

With this drive, you can burn essential documents and files with the Blu Ray burner at a rapid rate of 12x for reading and 16x for writing. It is the perfect choice for people that want more speed. Users can enjoy an uninterrupted connection, thanks to the SATA interface.

With the 4MB buffer feature, it is capable of handling 48x CD-R burning, even with the 16X DVD+R burning. This same feature also helped to reduce any discs writing errors. These features make the LG Wh16NS40 Multi Blue Internal Blu Ray drive the perfect one for all your storage needs.


  • Serial ATA Technology
  • 4MB buffer
  • Supports many disc types
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista
  • RoHS certification


  • SATA interface
  • Silent feature
  • Large storage capacity


  • No installation software

2. Pioneer Electronics USA Internal Blu-Ray Writer

The Pioneer Electronics Blu-Ray Drive is the best choice for super fast writers and serves as an excellent upgrade for users with all necessary software. It enables you to write so much in the shortest period with its 14x BD-RL and 16x BD-R writing speed.

The drive works for older discs versions like CDs and DVDs. The 3d playback feature of this drive makes watching Blu-ray 3D movies more fun as long as you already have a display system. The Quickplay feature reduces the time you frustratingly wait for the media to start playing after the disc has been inserted by loading the disc faster.

You also don’t have to worry about the annoying disc running noise when you are trying to play music. This drive comes with an excellent tray cushion design and a top cover that protects your drive from dust while keeping down the noise.

The drive comes with reduced vibration and warping when writing is being done at high speed. Putting the Pioneer Electronics Blu ray drive into good use helps to enjoy watching Blu-Ray movies even better.


  • 16x Writing speed(BD-R media)
  • 14x Writing speed (Dual Layer BD-R media)
  • Quickplay technology
  • Nero 12 Essential burning software


  • Supports DVDs and CDs
  • It powers more than one drive.
  • Supports different discs
  • Plays 3D movies
  • Good for data backup.


  • Not durable

3. Asus Blu –Ray Drive

The Asus Blu Ray DRive BW-16D1HT Drive offers Blu ray technology. Its performance features and small design makes it an excellent choice. OTS technology helps it deliver excellent burning quality as well. The drive offers fast operation and easy usage. Users enjoy DVD conversion of 2D to 3D, Blu-ray 3D support, Upscaling of DVD to HD, and other capabilities and formats. The energy-saving feature allows it to save more than 50% of power consumption more than others. The Asus internal Blu ray drive is budget-friendly and so suitable for people who want to enjoy faster writing affordably.


  • Green Focus Energy saving
  • 3-step Drag-and-Burn function
  • Unlimited web storage (12 months)
  • It supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP.
  • OTS technology


  • Not Expensive
  • Supports M-DISC
  • BDXL support
  • 16x Blu-ray writing speed
  • Great writing quality


  • No SATA cable
  • No Installation

4. LG Electronics 14x SATA Internal Blu-ray Rewriter

With this internal Blu ray drive, you get to enjoy affordability and quality at the same time. Aside from being budget-friendly, it is probably the best drive for your storage needs as it offers many features that are similar to some high-end internal drives.

The drive is versatile due to its ability to read and write on varieties of discs like single, dual, and quad-layer discs. It can as well write on older types of disc types like DVD-R and CD-R.

The M-DISC technology allows it to use a textured surface to write data instead of an organic dye. Relevant data can be stored on permanent optical storage. You can write photos, business documents, movies, and music or about 128 GB of data onto a quad-layer BD-R disc. This massive space is equivalent to 5 Blu-ray discs or 27 DVDs.


  • 4 Mb buffer memory
  • SATA interface
  • Max BD-R 14x Writing Speed


  • Silent play experience
  • Data protection
  • Supports M-DISC


  • No installation software

5. MCE Internal Blu-ray Drive for MacBooks Pro 13″, 15″, and 17″

Any expert will tell you MCE Blu-ray drive is the best product for Macbook Pro. Designed for Apple’s PCs, this drive worked perfectly well to replace the 8X SuperDrive of these computers. With this product, you enjoy excellent recording, writing, and player performances at an exceptional 8x speed. With MCE internal Blu ray drive, there is no improvisation needed, and it fits in the screw holes used for the previous drive. The drive has a comparatively easy installation.


  • Supports Mac OS X 10.5 via 1o.12
  • Installation software


  • Best HD Blu ray movie experience
  • Burns 100GB on BD-XL discs
  • Bootable drive
  • Easy to install
  • Plays and record CDs and DVDs


  • Not compatible with Windows Operating systems.

Buying Guide to the best internal Blu-Ray Drives

What Is A Blu –Ray Drive?

What makes Blu-ray drive so popular, and why are people opting for it? In most cases, it is because Blu- ray drive offers extra space. With internal Blu ray drives, users enjoy the equivalent of 5 DVDs or 35 CDs of space.

While Blu ray drives have lots of similarities with DVDs, they make use of shorter wavelength and also come with a narrower laser beam spot. Blu ray drives can hold much more content and are more versatile, which makes them provide users with better storage methods.

Blue Ray devices do both HD and 3D content.

Choosing an Internal Blu Ray Drive – Users Buying Guide

With the popularity and effectiveness of cloud storage, you would probably not want anything to do with the internal drive again. However, an excellent internal drive can make all the difference in many ways.

While DVD devices are still frequently used, Blu-ray devices holds much more data and offer a great movie experience instead of a frustrating one while watching high-definition movies on your PC.

While we have drives that are awesome when it comes to burning Blu- ray discs and achieving data, others are specifically best suited for beginners. This guide will take you through the various things you need to consider while shopping for the best internal Blu ray drive in terms of drive types, storage capacities, speeds, and others.

Blu-Ray Drives – External or Internal?

One of the things you need to consider is whether you should go for an internal or external drive.

1) External Blu Ray Drive

The drives are designed for an available port in your Pc, and their installation is easier than that of internal drives. They are portable, and you can use them for many computers. With these features, external Blu ray drives are more expensive, and they are not as fast as internal ones, but a lot of users prefer them because of their flexibility.

1) Internal Blu Ray Drive

For an internal drive, you would have to check your pc first. This is to ensure it has the physical space and a slot for placing the drive. You need to learn how to go about it, but you can consult people to put you through this process or even help you. Most internal drives make use of a SATA interface, which is why there is a need for a compatible port. Internal drives are cheaper than external drives.

2. Compatibility – of System and Port

What is the point of investing in a product that does not have compatibility with your laptop or PC? A disc may be visually appealing, affordable, and fast but not compatible with your computer.

So, you need first to check if your PC has the required slot when it comes to placing the drive. There should also be available physical space. The internal Blu ray drive you opt for should also be compatible with your laptop’s operating system.

While most products by leading Blu ray brands are designed to be compatible with different platforms of multiple OS, some of these available drives in the market today are designed specifically for specific operating systems.

You have to check the specifications of the drive you are choosing, or you can find someone to help you do this.

3. Versatility

Just how versatile is the Blu Ray drive you are hoping to purchase? What else can it do? You should keep in mind that internal Blu ray drives aren’t designed exclusively for writing and reading of Blu ray discs.

This is why your preferred internal drive should have the capacity to handle other functionalities too, such as reading and writing single-layer, dual-layer and quad-layer disc. It should also be able to accept CDs and DVDs. This kind of products enables you to read and write any disc type on your laptop.

4. Supported Surround Sound Formats

Exceptional sound quality is one of the reasons why the number of consumers that are going for internal Blu ray drives has kept increasing. If your budget supports it, we recommend that you strongly consider this feature. If this appears insignificant to you, what about the idea of a guaranteed better surround sound experience? Some of the products with supported surround sound formats are Dobby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio formats.

5. Storage Capacity

Internal Blu-ray drives come with varieties of standard memory capacities. What is your preferred storage capacity amount? This is highly dependent on your disc’s number of layers. There is 25 GB for Single layers, 50 GB for dual layers, 100 GB for XL 3 layer, and 128 GB for XL 4 layer.

6. Types of Formats

Different DVD formats are available, but it is recommended that you opt for an optical drive that supports as many format types as possible.

7. Writing Speeds

As important as writing speeds are, they are surely not the most crucial feature to focus on when buying a Blu-ray Drive.

Other Features

Other features you might want to pay attention to while shipping for Blu-ray drives are TV recording ability, internet connectivity, BD-Live, and any other feature that helps to make your Blu ray worthwhile to have by increasing the capabilities.

Final Thought

People buy Blu-ray drives because they provide the space needed for backing up important documents and files. You may need bluetooth smart range extender for your PC?It is not an easy task when it comes to choosing the disc drive that is right for your PC because of the many technicalities that are at play. The guide above provides you with all the information you need when it comes to searching through the Blu-ray selections available.

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