The 5 Best Long Distance Touch Lamps of 2020

I’ve heard a lot of people list long distance as a barrier to love or friendship. It is actually a true fact because even statistics have it that a more significant percentage of long-distance relationships fail while only a little percent succeed.

However, sometimes, it’s inevitable for friends and lovers to always be in the same place at the same time all the time. Here is what we want to talk about today.

The world keeps changing, right? As a matter of fact, the only constant thing is change itself. One moment ago, we were all wondering how it was possible to make smaller mobile phones with internet support. Well, here we are! Even watches can make phone calls and surf the net now.

The bottom line, technology has so much improved over the years, and things you thought were impossible are now a reality. They found a way whereby long-distance friends and lovers can stay connected. I’m talking about Best long distance touch lamp. It comes with a Wi-Fi connection installed in it, enabling you to keep in touch with your loved ones. If you love touch lamps, you’d be interested in tattoo machines. Such that when you touch it, the other person gets the message. Fascinating, right? Just when we thought we’d seen it all, this happened.

Best 5 Long Distance Touch Lamps

No matter how incredible this Long Distance Touch Lamp is, there are still a number of products out there in the market. Some can be categorized as useful, while some are bad. We don’t want you to purchase a mediocre product that won’t serve you well; that’s why this guide was written. We took the time to make a list of five best Long Distance Touch Lamps in 2020. Let’s just jump right into the primary purpose of this write-up, shall we?

Here are the five best Long Distance Touch Lamps we found:

1.  MLGB ALEXA WI-FI FRIENDSHIP LAMP – The Best Friendship Lamp

An incredible product always comes with astonishing functionality. I mean, this particular friendship lamp could be one of the best romantic presents for your lover or best friend while going on a business trip or conference. Tell me who wouldn’t love it? Rather than keeping in touch with the regular conventional video and phone calls, this is a new remarkable development. You get to feel when your lover is missing you. It comes with different shades of color together with the typical white light of Lamps.

MLGB ALEXA WI-FI FRIENDSHIP LAMP is made of wood and covered neatly and beautifully in fabrics. This, however, accounts for its durability and elegance. You could tell literally by looking at this product. 

How bright do you want it to be? That’s your choice! You get to increase or reduce the intensity of the lamp’s light to suit your taste perfectly. So, you don’t have to worry whether the lamp is too bright or too dim. Even better, through your smartphone connected to this friendship lamp, you can control the light. Isn’t that just great? 

Still talking about the features this product has to offer, MLGB ALEXA WI-FI FRIENDSHIP LAMP can contribute to your learning. As a student or frequent reader, this product can be very useful. It can serve as a reading lamp in the absence of a power supply. So whether you have a test to study for the next day or a project to finish, having this awesome product can keep your mind at rest.

That’s not all! It also has a timer function. With this feature, you can set the time the lamp should go off. That’s one of the reasons why I love it. You could just set a time limit for the lamp to go off since you can’t sleep with the light off.

However, no product is perfect. There has to be some areas where it’s most potent and also its setbacks. That takes us to its pros and cons:


  • It has a beautiful design
  • Made of wood which accounts for its durability
  • Controllable with a smartphone 
  • Wi-Fi supported 
  • It comes with a timer that enables ON/OFF schedule.


  • The only con we noticed is that it doesn’t come with enough instructions. So you would have to operate this product yourself without well-detailed guidance.

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Apart from being touch responsive, this product stands to offer so much more. This is why it made our list of the best five Touch Lamps in 2020. Seeing this product alone would amaze you with its beautiful appearance. Wait till you see its lights on, what a romantic gift for your wife or girlfriend. It’s a multi-colored lamp with about seven different colors. Based on your needs and purpose, you can pick any of the seven colors. Also, like the first product mentioned in this guide, the brightness of this awesome friendship lamp can be controlled based on preference.

It comes with a rechargeable battery capable of lasting for about eight hours straight. So you can decide to stay up all night studying with this lamp. All you have to do is convert the beautiful light into a coherent light by merely touching. Awesome, right? Some people may say, how is it different from the former. It comes with a Bluetooth function accompanied by a speaker for listening to music, watching videos, and receiving phone calls. With this Bluetooth speaker, you can connect with your smartphones, laptops, and so on. It basically does what a regular Bluetooth speaker. How incredible is it combining music with illumination! I’ll say it’s quite incredible.

Maybe you’ve decided to do the dishes, and then a phone call comes in. You don’t have to disconnect your phone from the lamp or clean your hands to pick the call. It comes with a built-in microphone, which enables you to receive calls clearly without any interference from your loved one and colleagues. I think that’s enough to convince you that this product is great.


  • Improved connectivity options with an adequately installed Bluetooth speaker
  • It can add beauty to your room with its multi-colored lamp lights
  • For receiving phone calls without stress with its built-in MIC


  • Low Bluetooth range 

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3. UNIFUN TOUCH LAMP – Most Convenient Touch Lamp

There is some peculiar population of people that are light sensitive. To this kind of people purchasing just any touch lamp won’t just cut it.

However, UNIFUN has gone the extra mile to make their touch lamp perfect for this set of people. It comes with 360 degrees light panel, which makes the light source friendly to the eye. This eliminates the harsh light problem. You get to sleep with your baby without any complications.

Still talking about its light feature, it offers more than one color of light, which can strike as a romantic gift. With a simple touch, you can change the glowing lamp light into a reading light or night light. Even better! It features about four brightness levels- low, dim, medium, and high, which implies you can increase or reduce the brightness to suit your preference. We all know that all these levels of intensity have the situation they fit.

Another feature that’s admirable and attractive is its aesthetic purpose. It can add some spice to the appearance of your room. Just select a color that goes along with the color of the wall in your room and see how beautiful your room would become. 

Lastly, UNIFUN long distance touch lamp is a rechargeable product that can last for about 30 hours when charged fully.


  • It is easy to use, convenient, and comfortable.
  • It comes with an anti-glare feature that protects your eyesight.
  • Strong and long-lasting battery life
  • Supports four different levels of brightness
  • Glows in different colors
  • Serves aesthetic purposes in the home


  • It sometimes develops charging difficulties

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This is yet another awesome long distance touch lamp. This is one of my favorites on this list. It could function as a reminder of one’s lover while faraway in another place. It’s a great product for couples, besties, family and close relatives. How does this even work? Purchase two of these touch lamps. One for your lover and one for you. Each of the two of you would have to choose a particular color that would be used for identification each time it glows. Get it? However, before this can be possible, you’ll have to register your names and Wi-Fi details on the website. Nice and easy!

It comes with a touch feature which enables the lamp to glow anytime it is touched. It also features about two different colors, which are black and frosted.

FILIMIN LONG DISTANCE TOUCH LAMP is made of wood, which makes it durable and strong. In addition to these features mentioned above, it also adds to the beauty of your room.


  • A great long distance present for your partner and loved ones
  • Durable and long-lasting product.
  • Easy to use 
  • Aesthetic purposes
  • Glows in two colors


  • Not suitable for reading
  • You’ve to provide your details in order for it to work.

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This is another fantastic touch lamp for long-distance lovers. An incredible gift for lovers like the rest of the products listed in this guide. Maybe you are about to be deployed to another state or country in Europe, and you have no idea how to show your affection to your lover. This is a great way to prove it. It’s a beautiful product, very appealing and attractive to the eyes. It comes with two different colors: white light and colored light. The white light can either be bright or dim color, which can be controlled to your taste by tapping the top of your lamp. Easy and convenient!

What I love about this incredible touch lamp is that it is capable of playing music for about five hours straight or more. Highly durable rechargeable battery! It also offers other connectivity options like Bluetooth and TF card. With this, you can connect your mobile phones, laptops, or tablets and enjoy music all day.

Also, this fantastic touch lamp can also be used as a reading or table lamp, lighting up everywhere in your apartment.


  • Multipurpose lamp for music, reading, beautification, illumination, and romantic purposes.
  • Bluetooth supported 
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Rechargeable option


  • It is different to navigate the controls

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However, before selecting your touch lamp, it’s best to consider some essential factors. Let’s take a look at these factors briefly.

  • Functions 

Make a list of the things you can use this product for and consider your options. It’s best to purchase a product that serves you well. Why buy the product when it doesn’t help the purpose of the purchase? Check the functions of each product and weigh them in terms of their tasks and then make your choice.

  • Design

I don’t think it’s advisable to purchase a touch lamp that doesn’t complement the beauty of your apartment or room. Purchase something with incredible design as well as structure. Sometimes, the model also directly affects its durability. What’s this product made of? Choose a touch lamp that’s made of a reliable product.

  • Features 

You have to consider the features of the lamp you want to purchase. Do the features of this lampwork well with you? For instance, if you’re light sensitive, you shouldn’t go for a touch lamp with no light control. 

  • Cost at hand

Lastly, what’s your budget? What can you afford? Very important! All the Lamps mentioned above are of different costs. Some are cheap, while others are averagely costly. Pick one that would suit your budget without causing you any financial difficulty.


These are the five top Touch Lamps we have selected for you. I’m sure by reading this review, we have saved a lot of time searching online and various stores. Out of these five awesome Touch Lamps, you can pick the best one for you.

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