How To Make Yourself Throw Up Easily at Home

Throwing up is not the fanciest thing to do. In fact it can be rather painful and tiring, while leaving a rather bad taste in your mouth. However, even though it is probably one of the most disgusting activities, it can get necessary to throw up at times, especially in case of food poisoning, alcohol poisoning or indigestion. No matter what the reason, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that vomiting should be used only as a last resort and should ideally not be done unless prescribed by a doctor. Forcefully vomiting can mess up your digestive system and can put extreme pressure on your throat and chest, even hurting your nerves and causing long term damages.

Even with the risks involved, it cannot be denied that vomiting does provide relief in case of the situations mentioned above. It also rids your body of allergens and toxins and makes you feel better in an instant. Having said that vomiting on a regular basis, puts pressure on the food pipe and the upper respiratory system and can even tear the throat tissues. As long as you are being responsible about voluntarily vomiting, you should be alright. Here are a few ways to make you throw up easily:

Use your Finger

This is probably the most common way of vomiting, along with being the most disgusting too. However it does work most of the time. All you need to do is push your finger inside your mouth, far enough to get a gag reflex from your body. Do this a number of times and that will result in your body feeling nauseous. After this you will be able to vomit easily. This is the most hands-on way of vomiting, because it can be done anywhere and does not require any tools or ingredients. However you need to be careful about pushing your finger too deep in. The inside of your throat is sensitive and you have to make sure that you do not end up hurting or harming your voice box or oesophagus in any way.

Drinking gas-less Coke

As bizarre as this idea sounds, it actually works. What you need to do is drink large amounts of coke where the carbon dioxide has escaped. This means that there is no bubble formation in the drink and it is essentially just sugar syrup. You need to drink lots of that coke and follow it up with lots of water. While the carbon dioxide is great at helping with an upset stomach, if you need to vomit, you will have to get your hands on coke without the CO2. The excess sugar in the drink causes nausea in your body and subsequently, vomiting. As weird as this idea sounds, this can work wonders, if done right. However if the nausea is not triggered in your body, you will simply face a sugar rush and hence feel even more sick.

Gargling with egg white

Almost all of us love eggs. However, most of us tend to like our eggs, cooked. Thinking about consuming raw eggs itself makes most of us cringe. It is pretty obvious that keeping egg whites at the back of our mouths will make us puke. What you need to do is separate the yolk from the egg white and then gargle with the raw egg, as you would with warm water in case of a throat ache. The pungent taste and smell of the egg white, along with the slimy consistency is sure to induce vomiting. This method is actually one of the healthiest methods of forcefully inducing vomit, because it tends to relieve your stomach of all the toxins. Just make sure you do not accidentally gulp down the egg white. While it is good for your health, it is not the most pleasant thing to eat.

Drinking Warm salt water

What you need to do here is add lots of water in a cup of lukewarm water and then drink that mixture in a single gulp. This process takes a bit of time, but if you do it right, it is certainly going to make you throw up. You also need to make sure that there is a lot of salt dissolved in the water. What this salt water will do is will upset the balance of the natural electrolyte in your body due to the high sodium content in it. Once this happens, your body will want to get rid of this sodium-heavy water immediately and you will eventually vomit it out of your system, resetting the electrolyte level in your body. This method is a bit slower, but it is effective and is not harmful. You can also increase the speed at which it works, by putting a finger down your throat after drinking the salt water. That should induce a gag reflex, which will, in turn, speed up the process.

Using a Toothbrush

If you are someone who flinches at the mere thought of putting your finger down your throat, you can try using the toothbrush. This works wonderfully and is less gross than the finger technique. All you need to do is brush the back of your tongue with your brush and this will induce a gag reflex strong enough to make you throw up. This is probably the simplest and the cleanest way of inducing a vomit. This also works instantaneously and does not cause any sort of extra discomfort whatsoever. It is really among the best ways to forcefully throw up. You can also replace your finger with a toothbrush and stick it down your throat to make yourself vomit.

Drink a mustard solution

This is one of the more sophisticated ways of inducing vomiting. What you have to do for this process to work, is mix around one or two heaped teaspoons of mustard in some water and much like the salt solution, you will have to drink this in one gulp. The mustard, due to its natural emetic properties, will make you nauseous causing you to throw up. However one thing that you need to keep in mind that you absolutely cannot make this a regular practice. The high amount of sodium in mustard can mess up your system and make you sick. In fact it is advisable to consult your doctor before trying this particular way of inducing vomit.

Follow the salt water process using baking soda

Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate, if taken in large amounts, can cause nausea and make you throw up. What you need to do is mix large quantities of baking soda in water, and drink in all at once. This will immediately make you feel extremely nauseous and cause you to throw up. This process is faster than using salt. However, consumption of large quantities of sodium bicarbonate can be harmful for your health and this process should be avoided as much as possible and should not be used except under a doctor’s supervision.

Smell something nasty or watch someone throw up

One of the more quirky ways of forcing your body to throw up is to expose it to bad smells. Smelling sweaty socks or something that smells really bad, triggers nausea as a reflex action and makes you throw up, if the smell persists or worsens. Another interesting way of inducing vomit is by watching something disgusting. Watching other people throw up or something that disgusts you, also causes the neurons in your brain to react, making you nauseous and causing you to throw up. This is among the safest methods of throwing up by choice. These do not disturb your respiratory or digestive systems and work rather fast. The only problem that one can face is that this process does not work on everybody. Until and unless you are sensitive to disturbing smells and sights, this particular method will not work on you.

Bloodroot Herb

This is something which might be a bit difficult to replicate but works wonders. What you need to do is get your hands on a bloodroot flower. Then you need to extract its powder and mix it with water and consume it. This causes nausea and makes you vomit instantly. Even though Bloodroot has been used to treat a number of health issues, throughout history, it can be extremely toxic in high amounts and it is absolutely not advisable to consume bloodroot powder regularly without a doctor’s supervision as it can lead to severe health issues.

Final Verdict

Even though it is not very healthy to forcefully make yourself vomit on a regular basis, it can become necessary to voluntarily throw up at times. You might be facing severe discomfort or might be suffering from food or alcohol poisoning. In such a scenario it is better to throw up than deal with the continuous discomfort. In such a scenario try any of the methods given above and you will be able to throw up safely without damaging any of your systems. However, making throwing up a habit can lead to severe repercussions in future and even cause serious ailments.

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